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Tragically hundreds of thousands of people are injured worldwide each year due to ladder falls. Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is a world class patented ladder safety device that helps to save lives. The innovation is globally unique, with no other similar ladder safety device available on the market. It secures ladders in 5 seconds to guttering when accessing roofing, improving safety through fall prevention. The patented device was invented and designed in Brisbane and is 100% Australian owned. It is used by world leaders in quality and safety, The Swedish Fire and Rescue Service who have written Lock Jaw Ladder Grip into their height standards. These Emergency Services professionals conducted extensive testing ( temperature, load) and provided the feedback that “It exceeded all expectations” Lock Jaw Ladder Grip enables the user to meet their legislative requirements in an efficient and affordable way and is one of the easiest ladder safety device on the market to use. The product saves money and time and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. The innovative ladder safety device helps prevent falls and is used by electricians, Insurance companies, home handymen, solar installers, painters, building contractors, plumbers, roofers, emergency services. We accept payments by Qoin of 50% of the purchase value. Max amount per transaction $200

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